StarThrower Group

Careers. Connections. Community.


They figure out what THEY want to do and how to establish THEIR OWN routine and THEIR OWN life plans.

They plan events that they want to do and trips to places they want to go.

They become part of community groups.

They provide service to the community,. 

They hang out with friends and groups form that discuss gaming, pop culture, movies, theater, food, travel, music, and so much more. 

They talk about the jobs they have and the careers they want and we work toward making those dreams a reality.

They make friends, develop relationships, argue, debate, shop, cook, eat, and just do what all typical young adults like to do. 

Come together

Members are interested in many activities - even just taking a walk around the neighborhood - It's nice to have a buddy.  Many of our members have gym memberships at Planet Fitness, so if anyone is interested in becoming a 'gym buddy' contact the office for more information by email at Gym buddies hold each other accountable and provide support in achieving goals (even if the goal is actually committing to getting to the gym!)

Looking for volunteers: 
Readers, gamers, singers, musicians, dancers, cooks, shoppers, card players, fashionistas, makeup/hair experts, car enthusiasts, sports fans, NASCAR or Wrestling followers, Disney-Star Wars - Marvel superfans, and more! 
Volunteer opportunities are plentiful. Come share your favorite books with some of our emerging readers. Sing with the gang during one of our afternoon jam sessions. Play card games with some of our members. Come hang with us at summer concerts or Flemington area events. We love to spend time with friends new and old.

If your organization or business has a project that you could use help with, please submit a project request and our members will work with you to provide help and solutions. Email: