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Jenni Clark, Founder and CEO
Ronna Hill, Office Manager
Mikie Cotignola, Program and Academic Support
Barb Evans, Employment Specialist
Christina Sargent, Food & Nutrition
Josh Coleman, Production and Communications
Susan Johnston, Community Service


Her day, her way..... Laura is working hard at TopDog Grooming. Loving her fur babies.

Laura loves working with animals. She currently holds a part-time position at a local warehouse store, but her dream is to work in a field where she can a lot of time with her furry friends! Our goal at StarThrower Group is to help her find opportunities to learn about the various aspects of working with animals, from grooming to vet tech to photography to pet stores to anything Laura can imagine - we help her reach for HER star! 

We are so thankful for business owners like NanMarie Hasson at TopDog Grooming Salon and DayCare in Flemington, NJ who open their doors (and hearts) to our young adults so they can sample jobs. NanMarie is sharing her passion with the next generation, and providing the supportive environment she needs to get hands-on experience. Once Laura gains confidence and skills, we hope she will be ready to interview for an entry-level position at a kennel or groomer to continue to grow and learn in the field. 

We continue to seek learning experiences and job sampling or apprenticeship options for our members. If you would like to help, contact our office to discuss paid/unpaid internships, apprenticeships, job sampling and temporary volunteer jobs. 
Email starthrowergroup@gmail.com for more information, or call the office at 908-655-5234. 

Why StarThrowers?

The story of the starfish is attributed to writer Loren Eisley in the 1970s. The author leaves us with powerful words, "I made a difference to that one". This applies to our group on multiple levels. 

We help each member based on individual skills, needs, and goals.

We help our mentors gain experience and educational opportunities. 

We help families translate and understand complicated processes and options and know they are not alone.

We help our community to provide competitive, Integrated employment, and to recognize and appreciate the differences and abilities in each person.