StarThrower Group

Careers. Connections. Community.

Why is it called STARTHROWER Group?

The story of the starfish is attributed to writer Loren Eisley in the 1970s. The author leaves us with powerful words, "I made a difference to that one." This applies to our group on multiple levels:

  • We help each member based on individual skills, needs, and goals.
  • We help our mentors gain experience and educational opportunities. 
  • We help families translate and understand complicated processes and options, and to know they are not alone.

We help our community to provide competitive, integrated employment, and to recognize and appreciate the differences and abilities in each person. 

We are a registered 501(c)3 organization in Flemington, New Jersey.

The genesis of this group began when it became clear that there truly is a gap in services for those with special needs once they graduate High School. In fact, many students tend to drop off the map after graduation, many who followed an IEP or 504 plan while enrolled in HS suddenly find themselves sitting home alone on the couch with no plans. Some struggle with college, others find entry-level jobs, but many struggle to find security, support, or success in the early adult years. While the state and federal agencies have just begun to try to figure out how to fill the gaps for adults with special needs as they transition from high school to adulthood, our goal is to support them along the way. We do this by reaching out to all those young adults to provide support and opportunity while building community and friendships. 

A very important piece of this puzzle is the location. To be inclusive, we need a location that provides ample connections and opportunities within walking distance. Our facility should be accessible to all and provide a space for learning, a place to connect, and a place to feel safe and welcome as we navigate this whole 'adulting' thing. Being IN THE COMMUNITY is the key. This immersive approach provides safety, communication and networking skills, and gets everyone actively involved. 

Working with DDD and DVRS is very important to many families, but some adults aren't working with DDD or aren't eligible, but still need supports. DDD and DVRS supports also come with some restrictions and limits. StarThrower hopes to offset and compliment the benefits with programming that is sponsored by businesses in the community, grants, and other donations. We have created a wish list and welcome any and all sponsorships and donations. Volunteers and peer mentors are needed to share career and relationship/communication insights, and help keep our location open and in good shape for our members to enjoy.  

To truly be inclusive, we recruit and promote memberships to all young adults. We celebrate all differences, and do our best to reach out to those with special needs who are being overlooked or are not working with the state and local agencies. We do provide specific and additional services for those working through DDD and DVR, but we support everyone in the dawn of their adult life to find balance and connection and support. 

Some may call this a "Day Program." While it does happen during the day, and there is some awesome programming in the works, it is NOTHING like any other day program out there. This is not a business that was created to house those with special needs so they can work in a safe place. This is not a 'home' for special needs adults to hang out at during the day while the family goes to work. This is their job sampling, community service, network building, calendar planning, friend-making, job finding club. 

It is modeled after many youth groups and organizations (scouts, church, etc.) , with hopes of creating an adult version that brings people together to make a difference. We are a club where membership and dues support the overhead. Members who cannot pay can be sponsored and all who wish to grow and share and learn are welcome. 

Please support our cause in any way you can. Volunteer. Donate. Sponsor a member. Share your experience. Pass on our information. 

StarThrower Group: Create success. Develop meaningful connections. Make a difference. 

"I made a difference to that one."