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Membership - StarThrower Group

We invite everyone to join our organization. We are committed to career, community, and connections. Our organization is housed on Main St and provides a 'home office' for dreams and goals and accomplishments. All are welcome to spend all or part of their days with us, and those participating in services and programs are asked to respect their co-workers and establish common meeting times and respect those appointments. 

Hang out. Have fun. Dream big. Make big plans. Work together to make them happen. Your membership shows that you believe in the big picture. Disability doesn't just go away once you leave school. When you decide to get a job it doesn't stop sensory overload, anxiety, or any other limitations. You believe that anything is possible with the right supports, and you will be someone to give and accept those supports through our organization. 

  • $100 annual registration (covers supplies, ID badge, t-shirt)
    • StarThrower Group is open Monday through Friday from 9-4.
    • We encourage everyone to bring their own cell phone and laptop or tablet. Printers and other resources will be available for use. 
    • Lunch can be purchased and prepared in-house or you can bring your own or purchase food from local restaurants (we review menus and money before we head out to help save time.) We have our own kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave, and our own kitchen program where members take turns to prepare lunches which are sold to staff and members at cost (usually $5/meal). We also keep snacks on hand and accept donations of single-serving snacks (fruit, protein bars, chips, etc). 

  • We work with DDD budgets, so clients utilizing DDD services do not pay daily fees. 
  • Any outside trips planned will be charged to participants in activities or events (If we plan a trip to AMC Theater members pay for their own food and movie tickets, for example). 
  • There are DAILY RATES to help cover expenses, but we offer flexible payments and options for non-DDD/out of pocket memberships until DDD budget is established. 
  • Special programs/rates for programs to supplement High School programs (18-21 year-olds) can be arranged through your support coordinator (or on a case by case basis)

Adult/Peer Mentor

(Requires current background check/fingerprinting. We will provide appropriate training)

I belong with the StarThrower Group. I am a member of the team and a part of the family.

I respect what each person brings to the table. I support passion and dreams.

I appreciate a day’s work and take pride in making a difference in my community.

I know even the smallest works can make an impact. I am ready to reach for a star.

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