StarThrower Group

Careers. Connections. Community.

When you help adults with special needs, you help their families, 
you help the economy,
and you help the community. 

             YOU make a difference!!

Your donations and participation will help: 
- New graduates who are still waiting for their applications for DDD or DVRS to process
- Recent graduates who still haven't found an appropriate job placement
- Young adults who have found a job, but are only offered a few hours a week because the employer isn't sure how to manage accommodations or productivity, so employees who need less supervision get better scheduling
- Young adults who are developing social skills and confidence to overcome anxiety and other handicaps to build an inclusive and satisfying career.


books!! We are building our library and will take ANY new or gently used books!

Shelving - we are trying to organize our closets - if you have extra shelves you are getting rid of, 908-655-5234 or

- Art Supplies

- Specialty papers (scrapbook, art, resume)

- pens, pencils, notepads

- colored pencils

- colorful gel pens

- puzzle books, puzzles, word search, etc

- Men's ties

- vacuum

- chromebooks

- tablets/ipads

- plastic storage drawers/containers

- school supplies (notebooks, paper, pens, folders, etc)

- office plants (ficus, peace lily, palm, etc)

- ukeleles, guitars, musical instruments

- we are collecting old maps and postcards from anywhere!!!

- Video Gaming systems (Wii, Playstation, xbox, kinect) and games

- televisions (Hdmi, smart Tvs and for use as monitors)


Share your talent and interests with friends at StarThrower Group. We are looking to fill in one or two afternoons each month.