StarThrower Group

Careers. Connections. Community.

When you help adults with special needs, you help their families, 

you help the economy, and you help the community. 

YOU make a difference!!


Teachers - do you have worksheets/workbooks you are not using, but hate to get rid of?? WE WILL TAKE THEM OFF YOUR HANDS!! ALL SUBJECTS!

Foriegn Language, Science, math, music, grammar, art ... anything!!!

Drop off at our office at 90 MAIN STREET, Flemington or call for us to pick up. 908-655-5234

StarThrower Wish List

- vacuum and cleaning supplies (hand-sanitizer, clorox wipes, etc)

- printer/copier

- chromebooks

- tablets/ipads

- plastic storage drawers/containers

- school supplies (notebooks, paper, pens, folders, etc)

- upright storage cabinets (for teaching supplies)

- office plants (ficus, peace lily, palm, etc)

- ukeleles, guitars, musical instruments

- office supplies

- we are collecting old maps and postcards from anywhere!!!

- kitchen/cooking tools (utensils, knives, cutting boards, strainers, pots, cookie sheets, baking pans, storage containers, etc.)


Share your talent and interests with friends at StarThrower Group. We are looking to fill in one or two afternoons each month.